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Renegade Mental Mindset for Tennis System

Product picture Renegade Mental Mindset for Tennis System

31.00 USD

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Ready to shock your opponents... without spending hours on the court?
Keep reading to discover

How to Flip the Switch and INSTANTLY Catapult your Tennis Game to the Elite Level And Deliver Crippling Bullet Serves, Slice the Court in Half with Impossible Speed and Consistently Outclass Your Opponents Without Adding a Single Minute of Practice!

Dear Future Tennis Renegade,

Competitive tennis is a grueling sport.

Competing requires deliberate and constant practice. The bar for excellence is high.

You already now this

But have you noticed that sometimes less talented players can dominate stronger and faster opponents?

You may have even played these freaks of nature. Even though you are faster, stronger and more experienced, they seem to win with ease.

If you look close, you can see this phenomenon in other sports. The barely 6 ft. basketball player that makes the opposite team look like amateurs. The old-time golf pro with the weird swing and single-digit handicap. Or the over-the-hill boxer that destroys the other guys will to fight in the first round

The secret to their almost magical dominance has nothing to do with physical conditioning. At the elite level, almost everyone has paid thier dues with practice and conditioning.

The Secret to World Class Performance
(Its not what you think!)

You can forget the usual suspects...

Its not about coaching. Tennis is stocked with world-class coaches who are hungry to mentor the next Serena Williams.

Its not about equipment. Sponsors will gladly put the best gear in your hand if you win.

So what is it?

What is the key to always having the edge even when you are NOT the best player on the court?

Playing Tennis at the Elite Level Comes Down to
5 Measly Inches

Yep 5 inches which happens to be the diameter of the your skull. Thats smart- a** way of saying that the mental game of tennis is the REAL game.

In my experience, the elite athletes at the pinnical of their psort, spend almost 20-30 of their training time focused on sharpening their mental game.

Let me remind you of (let's be honest here) the biggest CHOKE in the history of tennis:

Its 1993 Wimbledon, Center Court.

Jana Novotna is facing off against Steffi Graf. No problem, Jana is known for having a solid game. Maybe not an elite game, but on that day she looked amazing

Graf was struggling and Jana was steam-rolling her her by the 3rd set. Jana had lost the first set 6-7, but then went on a tear destroying Graf 6-1 in the 2nd set, and was up 4-1, 40/30 to take the commanding 5-1 lead en route to becoming Wimbledon Champion.

Then it fell apart, as Jana stumbled into a double fault.

It got worse as she continued to lose point after painful point. I remember feeling physically ill for her. The crowd, the judges, and even the Duchess of Kent in the Royal Box were shocked.

Leaping at the chance, Graf rallied and within about 15 minutes clinched the 3rd set 6-4 and her 13th Wimbledon title.

Jana broke down during the awards ceremony and actually cried on the shoulder of the Duchess of Kent.

Even though the match was physically lost on the court. Jana lost the game in her head.

The mental game of Tennis matters Big Time.

If you want to play and win, then you must train your mind. Chokes, stupid mistakes, surprising double faults all need to be wrestled into submission.

Heres where I can turn you into a force to be
reckoned with

My name is Stephen Ladd and Ive been working with up-and-coming Tennis stars for years. My specialty isnt the forehand, backhand or pouring power into your serve.

I focus on turning your mental game into a court-dominating weapon.

My methods are controversial and powerful. I live to win and I make sure that my students always have an unfair mental advantage on the court.

But Ive Got a Secret.

Although I have coached world-class tennis pros, I prefer to work with average tennis players.

Thats my secret. I get a special thrill out of seeing my students tear apart there so-called talented opponents.

You see, I believe that Tennis is 90 mental and 10 physical. Back in 1993, Jana was the better player that day, but Steffi had the mental edge.

I want to show you how to have the mental edge to dominate the courts.

Although Im the best at what I do, Ive seen that almost every player needs a little extra nudge. Their mental hiccups are so deep-seeded that I have to employ several different tactics to find the optimal combiniation.

Thats why Ive partnered with Bill Gladwell.

Bill is a mental-performance Sherpa. Ive watched him coach a person from slump to peak performance in less than 30 minutes. Hes that good, and always has a packed schedule.

Together, we can give you the silent edge, the extra heat on your serve and the inner calm that sees you through to victory in a tough match.

Over the last 18 months, weve worked together and refined our most proven and powerful techniques and craft them into a revolutionary new coaching system

Renegade Mindset Techniques for Tennis

Renegade Mindset Techniques for Tennis (RMT) is a completely new way to mentally train yourself to excel on the tennis court. It targets your mental roadblocks and erases them. Every single exercise and technique has been tested and optimized for one purpose getting you dramatic improvements - Fast.

RMT works because it gives you three simple but powerful tools:

Tool #1:
Hack Your Subconscious

Weve worked with top sports psychology experts to refine a renegade form of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) for Tennis players. The System pioneered by Anthony Robbins has been modified for the special mental demands of the tennis pro.

The Renegade Mindset System uses these proven techniques to fortify you with inner calm, sharpen your awareness and accelerate you through training plateaus.

Tool #2:
The Zone On Demand

Most athletes cant predict when they will Get in the Zone. This awe-inspiring experience is sporadic and scattershot.

However, with RMT, I will show you how create the conditions for top-performance and instantly slip into the zone at will. In fact, I have an entire manual and audio CD that will walk you through the entire process!

Tool #3:
Pro Tennis Hypnosis

Im not talking about watch waggling, woo-woo stuff.

I AM talking about high-performance visualization that you can perform anywhere. Use it before a match, during practice, or in your everyday life. This is the ultimate all-natural mental steroid.

Weve Made it Easy to Boost Your Tennis Game
to the Next Level

I understand that you are busy. Youve already spent a healthy chunk of your life training and playing. Thats why weve put the Renegade Mindset For Tennis System in an easy-to-use Manual and on high-quality Audio MP3s.

With your order, well give you immediate access so you can download the Manual and the MP3 files to your computer or iPod.

Heres what well uncover together

Why most players are practicing themselves into mediocrity. And, how you can boost your performance by actually practicing less!

How to focus your mental energies on solving the most aggravating parts of your game. Ive watched my students erase bad performance habits in just 45 seconds.

The reason why you should burn your positive thinking books and what you should do instead.

How to make your game choke proof and program your body to push through clutch points.

Discover the hidden Ace Serve mental formula and how to use it to spook your opponent from the very first point.

Kill the devil on your shoulder thats undermining your game and turn your self-talk into an unstoppable advantage.

Get your Swagger back and radiate match-winning confidence this is the closest thing to a Jedi mind trick that youll ever experience.

Use this 3-minute tweak to your pre-game ritual to lock-in elite-level performance.

How to subtly train your body to repeat every point-winning shot (98 of players are never even taught this).

A surprising cure to frazzled nerves, butterflies-in-the-stomach, and pre-game jitters.

How to finally release yourself from reliving past losses that are destroying your confidence.

Shatter limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your true potential.

Thats just a glimpse at what youll discover.

Every single strategy and technique youll learn has been battle tested and proven.

In fact -

Heres what some of our RMT Students had to say
about the Coaching System

"Helped My Game Tremendously"

"Your mental techniques have helped my game tremendously. I have a lot more confidence on my approach shots and volleys. No longer do I feel anxious before a match and make so many unforced errors in the first set. I had no idea how so much of my limitations were in my head - thanks!"

Dave Holmes
San Francisco, CA


"My job is to condition world class tennis players to withstand the physical demands of the game at the highest levels. Stephen does the same thing for your mind. His techniques are absolutely groundbreaking for the tennis world. RMT is certainly unorthodox, but the results are equally out-of-this-world. I've introduced it to all my players and their improvement has been unbelievable!

RMT is for real!"

Todd Scott
Training Adviser, Men's Fitness Magazine

"Accelerate Your Performance"

As a coach to elite athletes, and a competitor myself, I give my highest recommendation to the RMT methods of mental game conditioning. Stephen has laid out a simple to follow plan that will accelerate the performance and ultimate success of ANY athlete in ANY sport. It is required reading at Pilgers Training Systems, because any coach or player without these tools is at a severe disadvantage.

In the end its all about results, and RMT produces results in spades!

Rob Pilger
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Founder, Pilgers Training Systems

"Results in Minutes"

Stephen Ladds Renegade Mindset programs for athletes are innovative and powerfully effective. They are on the leading edge of sports performance enhancement. Yes, hes a renegade, but a friendly one, with a cheeky sense of humor and a refreshingly pragmatic approach. The best thing is that you can start getting results NOW, within minutes of applying his techniques. There is no need to be held back any longer. Stephens Renegade Mindset materials will equip you with the tools you need to blast through your previous limits and propel your performance to new heights.

Steve Wells
Steve Wells and Associates Pty Ltd.
Psychologist and Peak Performance Specialists

"Rock Solid Returns"

"Your program has been very valuable in helping me to hit rock solid return of serve. It has always been a weakness in my game and the reason that I lost many close matches. It is now becoming one of my best weapons!"

Todd Foster
Lansing , MI

"Dramatic Confidence"

"As a high school tennis coach, I'm impressed with how these mental game tools have such fast results with my players. Right away there was a dramatic shift in confidence and overall team morale. These methods would seem to work well for teenagers off the court also, like academia and personal lives. Well Done."

Ken Tucker
Jacksonville, FL

"Future of Sports Psychology"

"Stephen Ladd is the future of sports psychology. Use his amazing methods or get beaten by those who do!

Eric Serrano, MD
Physician with specialty in sports performance
Columbus, OH
Consultant to athletes worldwide

"Winning Streak"

My doubles partner and I have been using your book for three weeks and we havent lost a single match! Everyone wants to know our secret, but Im not sure we are going to tell them (sorry). This stuff is awesome!

Rob Kern
Scottsdale, AZ

"Anger Management"

"Coach Stephen, Your RMT for anger and frustration on the court has really helped me to keep my composure. I no longer let one bad shot spiral into losing the game or set. It's simple and nobody is aware that I am using it.

Many thanks,"

Richard Torrens
Jakarta, Indonesia

Get Renegade Mental Mindset for Tennis Now!

Im incredibly proud of these students and respect what they have achieved.

Theyve come from every imaginable background and skill level.

They are not any different than you. Each one of them has had to look at their opponent across the court and figure out a way to win. They have trained hard and know what discipline really means.

And like you, they were a little skeptical when they first heard about RMT Tennis but have become believers after cranking blistering serves, executing point-grabbing volleys, and dropping their opponents like bad habits.

I want this success for you too!

Youre Invited to Join These Top Tennis Performers
at a Ridiculously Low Online Fee

My private clients are very protective of my time. They know that the more time I spend teaching others, the less time they get for their game. Thats why I normally dont take on any new clients.

Right now, I am teaching this system to my top clients for $250/hour and I require a 2-hour minimum session.

That means they won't be too thrilled to hear that I'm handing you my entire system for a fraction of their lesson fees.

This is what I have for you -

For a limited time, I will offer you the complete RMT Tennis System for less than the usual $500 price. I can do this because Ive turned the entire system into a digital download that you can access via the web. I wont have to send you boxes full of CDs and manuals.

Even though I cant personally coach you, this new digital version is the next best thing to one-on-one instruction.

This means that you can sign-up for the Renegade Mental Mindset for Tennis System for just $67 - $47

The $47 is a one-time fee. No hidden monthly membership or obnoxious up sell offers.

Since this is a convenient download, you will have access to the entire system within the next 5 minutes.

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