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"New Concept Allows You To Mindlessly Copy-And-Paste Your Way To Fresh Sales And Profits Using Those Little Ads On The Right Side Of Google Searches!... So,

"If You Can Point And Click, Then You Have What It Takes To Pump All The Cash You Want Out Of The Millions Of Google Searches Taking Place Even As We Speak -- And With As Much As 95 Of The Work Done For You!"

"In fact, It's So Drop Dead Brainless All You Have To Do Is Copy And Paste Your Nearly Everything Done For You Campaign Containing Dozens Of Pre-Done Ads, Hundreds Of Researched Terms, And Thousands Of Common Misspellings Right Into Your $5 Dollar To Start Google Adwords Account... And Have Your Ads Appear Only 5 Short Minutes Later...

"...You Don't Even Need Your Own Product Because Along With Your Pre-Done Campaign You Get Step-By-Step Instructions And A Detailed List Of Top Money-Generating Affiliate Programs So You Can Start Earning Your First Sales With Only 1 Hour Of Your Time! But, Be Advised...

"...You Must Act Today! Because if You Wait, Your Competitors Will Beat You To The Punch And Steal Your Sales! So, Read This Very Important Letter Below Now And Take A Few Minutes To...

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4 Different Ways To Quickly And Easily Cash-In On Google Using Their Adwords Advertising Program (perfect for anyone just getting started),

4 Strategies To Guarantee Your Success and Avoid Costly Errors,

10 Deadly Mistakes Google Advertisers Make To Save You A Fortune,

And so much more!

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"How You Can Effortlessly Get New Red Hot Leads, Sales, And Loyal Customers From The Search Engine Google In As Little As 30 Minutes From Now...Even Without Your Own Product!"

From: Rod Beckwith and Jeff Alderson
On: Sunday, May 04, 2014

Dear Entrepreneurial-Minded Friend,

You may find it too good to believe at first, but it's true...

Setting-up a new, profitable Google Adwords campaign with hundreds, even thousands, of starving customers knocking down your door, wanting what you have to offer, is now as easy as a right click, copy, and paste straight into your account...

... So you can now generate a new, steady flow of income whenever you want, anytime you want, quicker and easier than ever before!

You won't have to spend hours doing painstaking research, struggling to write a decent ad, or reading one of those wordy 100-page manuals! In fact,
It's So Darn Easy, You Can Get A Profitable Campaign Going In Under 30 Minutes From Now!

Whether you want to:

Drive more traffic to auctions,

Revive sales to an existing product,

Generate red hot leads for your local business,

Send your latest creation off to an exciting start,

Or, make almost immediate income using affiliate programs...

This is your perfect solution to get cash rolling in minutes from now, instead of in many frustrating hours.

The beauty is in its simplicity...

Simply Copy And Paste Your Pre-Prepared Campaign Into Your Google Account...

Customize it to your liking, and "Poof" you're ready to go! It's that simple with this new solution from marketers Rod Beckwith and Jeff Alderson and top web copywriters called...

Adwords Theme Packs! The quickest and easiest way to have your ads appear in front of the millions of Google searchers to IMMEDIATELY start pulling in new sales and more cash with minimal effort.

Even if you've never set-up an effective Google campaign in your life, you'll be going in no time because...

Each Adwords theme pack is put together by a professional copywriter with experience in setting-up effective Google campaigns... So,
You Know You're Getting Quality Work Because...

...All of these copywriters know from experience which keywords are likely to make you the most money, which ones will probably cost you, and most importantly...

...They know how to write dozens upon dozens of killer ads you can pop-in to Google Adwords to find the ones with the highest clickthrough rates!

This means you're going to save tons of money from avoiding costly trial-and-error you would have otherwise spent trying to get your campaign going!

But, that's just the tip of the iceberg...

Here's A Taste Of What Each Adwords Theme Pack Contains:

Hundreds, even thousands, of researched Keywords organized into tight ad groups designed to capture YOUR market... Allowing you to make sure you don't miss-out on the most profitable keywords for your market!

Dozens upon dozens of killer ads written by a professional copywriter to dramatically increase your clicktrhough rates...and wipe out your competition at the same time!

Thousands of misspellings using a powerful research tool to catch an additional 10-20 of the search engine traffic and sales you would have otherwise missed!

An easy-to-optimize format! So, if you want to make sure your campaign is pulling all that it can, you're already pre-set for effortless keyword and ad testing!

The bottom line is this... The hardest-work is done for you. Just plug-in your campaign and 5 minutes later your ads start appearing in front of hungry prospects who are searching for what you have to offer!
And, If You're New To Adwords And Looking For A Product To Offer, Here's The Best Feature Of All...

The top Theme Packs with the highest potential for profiting with affiliate programs come with a special bonus report to show you how to, step-by-step, combine Google Adwords and a list of pre-researched affiliate programs for quick and easy profits!...

...So, with less than 1 hour of your time you can be earning between 40-75 of each and every sale your pre-made ads and keywords produce...

...And, at the same time, avoid the costly trial and error of having to decide which affiliate programs are likely to work!

This alone could make the difference between you falling or succeeding in your first attempts at Google Adwords profits!
Plus, Here's Something Really Special For Everyone:
You Get Our "Secrets To Theme Pack Success Quick-Start Action Guide" (A $27 Value!)

This guide separates the winners from the pack with step-by-step insider strategies to instantly gain an edge over other theme pack owners and dominate your market ... So you ALWAYS turn HUGE Google profits... and won't have to worry about competition. Inside you will learn:

How to effortlessly get your campaign going as quickly and easily as possible (pg. 1&2)!

How you can make dramatic savings on how much you pay for each keyword with this information Google may not want you to know (pg. 3).

How to make your ads so killer they will out-pull your competitors day-in and day-out! (pg 4 & 5)

How to modify your keywords to make them more profitable (pg.5 & 6).

How you can add thousands more misspelled keywords to the ones you already get, to make sure you capture all 10-20 of misspelled searches in your market place (pg 7)!

How you can duplicate your Google Adwords success to other Pay-Per-Click search engines with minimal effort (pg. 8)!

Plus, many more tested tips and strategies to make your campaign as profitable as possible!

The Bottom Line Of Why YOU Should Give Adwords Theme Packs A Shot Is This...

Whether you're a beginner or advanced Adwords advertiser...

Your new Adwords Theme Pack allows you to implement the Adwords' strategies of the Pros in minutes to dramatically increase your bottom-line and attract the customers you want.

You won't miss-out on the most valuable keywords and your ads are written in such a way they are certain to pull-in the most targeted website visitors -- to dramatically increase your sales.

All you have to do to get a profitable campaign is copy and paste your dozens of pre-done ads, your hundreds of researched keywords, and thousands of misspellings to capture 10-20 additional searches!

With your Adwords Theme Pack getting new leads, sales, or subscribers to take full advantage of the power of Google is now a reality.

And, here is the best part of this deal....
You Save Thousands Of Dollars In Fees!

Because, if you were to hire a pro to create your campaign, that would set you back at least $400.00-$500.00 just for a single campaign... and then, they expect you to keep paying them month after month for fees up to $250.00 every month!

But, since Adwords Theme Packs are being sold to many different markets, you get the same, high-quality work for a price you can afford... $147 or less (depending on the size)...

...A price that pays for itself over and over again with more traffic, new sales, and you can use it for every campaign related to your market!

So, when you pick-up your Theme Pack, you can be sure that you did not make any glaring mistakes that costs you thousands of dollars in lost sales.

And, If You Pick Up Your Theme Pack TODAY, You'll Get Our...

100 60-Day Risk-Free Guarantee!

If you don't save hours of time getting your campaign started and feel like you got your money's worth, then you can request a refund within the first 60-days, for all your investment, handed back to you.

With this deal, you've got nothing to lose! Because if you don't get a head-start to huge profits within 60-days, then you've lost nothing!

Simply put, you'd have to be crazy to not pick-up your Adwords Theme Packs today... So, you can be sure your advertising dollars are being spent wisely and you don't throw your hard-earned away using ineffective keywords and ads!
Plus, To Make Sure You Get Full Value Out Of Each Adwords Theme Pack You Get These 6 Bonuses!

Together these bonuses add together for an astounding value of $156.00 because we want to make sure every owner succeeds. Here's a quick-peek at what each bonus allows you to do:
Free Bonus Gift # 1: A Swipe File Of Selling Phrases Designed For Companion Software Ad Word Generator (A $19.00 Value!)

A file of selling phrases you can input right into your copy of Adword Generator to instantly create dozens upon dozens of ads with the click of a button. Then, you can just let the software input your ads right into your campaign.

And if you're not an Adword Generator owner you can use this file to build winning ads when you take you successful campaigns to profit from other search engines.

Free Bonus Gift # 2: "KeyWordBird" (A $30.00 Value!)

A clever piece of software that generates thousands and thousands of targeted keywords in the blink of an eye! The real value comes from its ability to come up with 4 lists of keywords, NOT just 1!... From Google, AltaVista, Overture, and Overture UK.... not to mention the ability to check link popularity and Alexa rating for any website.

All these features equal your one stop tool for keyword research to save you hours of time... because you no longer have to go from one tool to the next for your Pay-Per-Click search engine research!

Free Bonus Gift # 3: "Adwords Checklist" ($19.00 Value!)

An in-depth free report detailing how to get-up and running with Google Adwords. Inside it covers everything from picking a hot product idea to advanced strategies for getting your campaign up and running!

Free Bonus Gift # 4: "AdWord Searcher" (A $50.00 Value!)

Now, this bonus is really exciting...

A powerful tool allowing you to instantly see all of the top Google Ads from 3 separate countries! You get to see what phrases are working for your competitors. Then, just combine the best parts of their ads to create non-stop profit-pumping ones to beat your competitors every time!

Free Bonus Gift # 5: "Google Report" (A $19.00 Value!)

A special report on "How To Prosper With The New Google." This report covers everything you ever needed to know to take full advantage of the world's most popular search engine... to save hours of time and realize its full profit potential!

Free Bonus Gift # 6: "Landing Page Builder" (A 19.00 Value!)

If you're an affiliate or want to sell affiliate products, then you're going to love this instant landing page generator software we found for you. This software is required for anyone who wants to successfully promote popular affiliate programs with Google Adwords and doesn't know a lick of HTML. As soon as you sign-up you'll get a link to grab this great software for free!

All of these 6 bonuses (worth $156.00) and two surprise bonuses are yours when you pick your Theme Pack TODAY!
Just Pick Your Adwords Theme Packs Below With...
Just Launched Adwords Theme Packs Release #1!

By Web Copywriter, Hans Klein

NEW - *Business Opportunity/Make Money

NEW - *Paid Survey Sites

Vitamin and Nutritional Supplement Market

*Quick Weight Loss Products

*Weight Loss Products Requiring Effort

*Recipe Sellers

Special Occasion Gift Sellers

Holiday Gift Sellers

Insurance Agents

Web Designers

*Note: These Theme Packs allow you to make almost immediate income using Affiliate programs (also known as referral programs) where you get anywhere from 40-75 (depending on the product) for every sale your Theme Pack generates.

Each one comes with a list of researched affiliate programs and step-by-step instructions on how to get started (an additional $19.97 value, yours free). From effortlessly getting your own cash-earning referral website... to gaining your first sales. It is all covered.

So you can skip the grunt work of creating your own product and start profiting from Google Adwords and a free-to-join affiliate program with as little as $18-$28 to get your own website and send enough traffic to gain your first sale.

All it takes is 1 short hour to set everything up using your step-by-step instructions! Just pick the market that fits you best today!
Just Think... In Only 1 Hour From Now...

Your campaign will be flooding in fresh sales and hot new leads right to your own website!... And, all you have to do is grab your theme pack now, then just copy and paste your way to Adwords' profits!

You won't have to suffer like most beginners do... trying to pick the right keywords and struggling to write a good ad...

Instead, you get a campaign built like the pros, so you can immediately start making money from Google!

Wishing You Much Success,

Rod Beckwith and
Jeff Alderson

P.S. What's so unique about Adwords Theme Packs is you get a professionally done Google Campaign instantly... and with your quick-start guide you NEVER have to worry about competition... because with the strategies inside you learn how to quickly and easily separate yourself from the pack... and optimize your campaign to almost guarantee you'll turn a profit! Just give it a shot now!

P.P.S. Adwords Theme Packs are your ultimate solution to turning your ideas into cash... instantly. Just imagine having an idea... and then 30-minutes to an hour later your tapping in to a valuable market! So, what are you waiting for? You've got nothing to lose... by giving it a shot... because if you don't feel like you've saved hours of time and got your money's worth, then you get your investment back within your first 60 days! Just pick yours NOW!

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